Who is Spider Spirit Woman?

Since I was a little girl, spiders have always come to me, no matter where I was.  They never bit me or did any other damage, they just hung around.  When I lived in Arizona, I even cleaned out a nest of Black Widows by my washer and dryer with my bare hands and suffered no ill effects. Sometimes I amaze myself with my foolishnes.

Then one day a year ago I got four spider bites on the left cheek of my butt.  Surprise, surprise, what was this about?   It healed and I wondered but got no answers.  Then last year, I got those same four bites, but this time it was on another cheek, the left cheek of my face.  Not cool, pretty or good.  I wondered if suddenly spider was mad at me.

I finally got my answer about the bites.  It seems that since I was not showing off my butt bites (gee I wonder why, but I don’t think spiders understand about modesty and clothing), they made the mark more visible.  Yes, apparently I had agreed, pre-birth, to be marked as a messenger and the spider was giving me my “mark.”

This mark designates me as a spirit messenger to help humanity reconnect to their original source, the creator.  I am supposed to share spiritual information from the ancient cultures so we can wake-up and recognize our interconnection with All-That-Is. Spider Spirit Woman is a spiritual name that I was given and it carries an energetic vibration to help me accomplish my mission.  Spider Spirit Woman also has a sense of humor, she is old and apparently wants people to know about it, that’s why she adds “I.B. Ancient” after her name.

Spider is a messenger and a weaver of life.  Do not be afraid of them as they eat bugs and make our homes healthier, as a result.  But if you must be afraid, ask them to leave you alone and be visible to you.  It’s amazing how they respond. More on spiders in a later blog.

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  1. Connie says:

    I came to your site searching for answers…I have the spirit of the spider in me. Has been with me for almost 12 years. what is it all about..I did see the spirits and hear them but these last 2 years, I have been webbed by the spider and protected?? from the spirits by a tiger spirit. Sounds like insanity, yet it is so true and real.

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