To Everyone Who’s Been Impacted by Earch Change Trumas

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy will help you restore a sense of calm, focus and control, often with immediate results.

Much of the planet and many of the states have been impacted by fires, floods, earthquakes and other traumatic earth change events. These events have caused us to loose homes, lives of loved ones and turned our lives upside down, personally or through someone we know.  Residents of the communities involved are either dealing with the traumatic immediacy of the storms or they’re overwhelmed with the associated grief, loss, and changes resulting from these crisis.

I’m IlgaAnn Bunjer, a Social Worker and Internationally Registered Bach Flower Practitioner. For the past 20 years, I’ve used Rescue Remedy and the Bach® Original Flower Essences for myself and with my clients. I highly recommend them in times of crisis and stress when it’s hard to think straight and make decisions.

Original Bach® Flower Essences are a homeopathic product developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s, now sold in 66 countries World Wide. For over 80 years they have helped people, pets and plants cope with crisis, stress and emotional upsets to regain an emotionally balanced and healthy life. Bach Flower Essences (BFE’s) are safe and a complementary natural plant medicine compatible with all foods and medications you may be taking. They are safe for all ages.

Rescue Remedy is a combination formula of five flower tinctures. One lozenge or piece of gum is a full dosage to be repeated as often as necessary.  For animals please use the liquid and add four drops to their food or water.


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