The Real 2012 Mayan Prophecy Brings no Danger

There is so much fear being generated by the 2112 Prophecies . On  the History channel on TV keeps showing the world being destroyed in horrible ways. Hollywood gives us more horror and fear ending where we are all destroyed in scary ways. But that is just Hollywood.  The Dec. 21, 2012 will be no different than the year 2000 fear promotion brought us. It is simply the ending of the cycle of the calendar. It ends every 5126 years. A new cycle and calendar will start.

Yes thing are in a state of chaos on the planet at this time. That is a natural occurence when there is a change of cycles. There are things we need to do but there is no need for fear. The shift began in 1992 (many say it was the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.) The Mayans say that there is a 40 year period during which things fall apart and then rebuild into something new.  We are in that change period.

Mother earth has been abused, polluted and totally disregarded by modern man. The perception is that the earth is a dead thing that is here for us to subjugate and plunder.  That is not true.  The old cultures realized that the earth is very much alive and what we do to it, we do to ourselves. We could not exist without her help. Mother Earth is alive and rebelling at how we treat her. That is why we are having all the cleansing storms, the floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and more. We need to shift our perspective and start giving back to her instead of just taking from her.

The green movement is a part of that shifting perspective. My guides  tell me that we need to send love and gratitude to the planet, the earth, the wat ers, and air.  These are part of the ceremonies they used to hold to bring balance and harmony into being.  I’ll say more and give you suggestions on what to do in my next blog.  Thanks for reading and send me a message.

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