An Intuitive Vision

I had a vision this morning about what needs to be done to help Mother Earth and to raise our own conscious awareness.

The vision was like looking at a living photograph with defined edges on each side. I saw a nature setting, maybe in a park or large back yard.  There was lots of lush green grass and a few small brown and green bushes on the right hand side.  Directly ahead was a large tree with a profusion of healthy green leaves.  The sun was shining through the leaves creating a golden glow to the whole scene. It felt like a peaceful, happy summer day. There was a sense of someone caring about the setting and keeping it  clean, health and well cared for.

Out from behind one of the bushes on the right came a human hand holding what looked like a brown 5 x 7 sheet of paper.  The hand deposited the paper into the earth, in the same way as you would put money into a piggy bank. The scene then faded.

Intuitively I knew what it meant and that it was a message I was supposed to share with others. The message is simple…

We need to take better care of the earth to help it rejuvenate and cleanse. Too much pollution has been dumped into the earth and our water sources, more than the planet can neutralize.  The planet needs our help.  We are supposed to send love and gratitude to the earth and to the oceans.

Visualize an all encompassing, unconditional love and appreciation coming out of your heart and entering the soil.  Be grateful for what the earth has to offer us and let it know you appreciate it.  Then visualize that same love entering the oceans, lakes, rivers and see it sinking to the bottom, like a stone.  This will send a positive energetic vibration to help cancel the negative ones of the pollution.  When enough people do this, it will create a shift, a change for the better.

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