Prophesies for the Coming Shift of Consciousness in 2012, part 4

Crow Nation: Plenty Coups, chief’s vision as interpreted by Yellow Bear
“The buffalo will go away forever and in their place on the plains will come the bulls, cows and calves of the white man.

It means that the white men will take and hold this country and their spotted-buffalo will cover the plains. He was told to listen, to learn, to think for himself to avoid disaster by the experiences of others. He was advised to develop his body but not forget his mind. It is a warning.

The Four Winds represent the white man and those who will help him in his wars. The forest of trees are the tribes of these wide plains. The one tree that the Four Winds left standing after the fearful battle represents our own people, the Absarokees, the one tribe that has never made war against the white man.”

Blackfeet Nation: During one of the last sun daces of the 19th century.
During a time of prayer, the sky darkened by an approaching storm. As the people looked in the direction of the sun which was completely overcast. there was an overwhelming stillness. The black clouds began to part in every direction, and a round white cloud appeared in the place of the sun. It too, was moving but it was coming towards them. As it got closer and closer, it got brighter and brighter, taking on the shape of a human being suspended in mid-air. It said “…do not be disturbed but be patient a little longer, for He would come again and lead them out of the darkness into the light and they would not suffer the same way again.” It also told them to purify themselves by praying and taking sweat baths so they would be ready when He came to live among them and guide them out of their troubles.

Wovoka a Paiute Ghost Dance prophet—at about the same timeline—was told that the spirit of God would come and help them if they were patient.

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