Proof That Animals Have Souls and Emotions

Our two cats have never been the best of friends. The long haired tabby tomcat is constant hassle mode to prove his alpha cat status, while the siamese female just sort of tolerates or even ignores his efforts. I think they respect each other but they remind me of typical human siblings who squable periodically as part of their life in a shared household.

The Siamese had to go in for surgery to remove a growth on her neck. When we brought her home, she was groggy and sort of like a lump that just wanted to lay in the sun. The tomcat suddenly became her comforter and protecter. He did not leave her side for 3 days. Wherever she was, he was not more than a few feet away, just laying there and making sure she was ok.

I now know that he does truly care for her and is showing how deeply loyal and nurturing he really is. He’s a big phony blow hard with his alpha behavior. When the chips are down, he’s behaving like a loving spouse, just like my husband did when I had my knee surgery a few years back. Animals are truly wonderful companions and teachers who are just like humans in many more ways than we often realize.

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3 Responses to Proof That Animals Have Souls and Emotions

  1. Jay says:

    Around 1985, I got a flu and stayed in my recliner by a big livingroom window for several days. Sasha, our black & white cat, who was abandoned in the neighborhood before being rescued by my 5 year old daughter, Debra – well, Sasha spent most of the next 3 days lying on my chest with her head near my throat. She knew I was sick, and I swear that her comforting blanket, that was Sasha herself, who covered my respiratory areas helped to speed my recovery and to soften the healing process .

  2. IlgaAnn Bunjer says:

    I am happy to hear another story about animal healing. It’s amazing how animals have a second sense when we are in need of either emotional or physical healing. Just their loving energy and loyalty are big plusses to help us heal ourselves, as our bodies are designed to do. Thanks for sharing. IlgaAnn

  3. Fatirah Davis says:

    My most special cat, LuluBella, was phenomenal in the way she “cared” for my 2 grandbabies I’m raising (they are now 10 & 12). Ever since they were babies, LuluBella has always stayed by their side, or mine, when we were not feeling well. She truly watched over these children. She sustained a serious eye injury about 7 years ago, which prompted her eye removal. She was one the most loving kitties I have had. We lost her about 2 weeks ago after her Earthly journey with us for just over 12 yrs. I STILL feel her presence here, as do my grandbabies….LuluBella held so much SOUL!!! She is so missed….

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