IlgaAnn’s Book, Ancient Spirit Wisdom

This is an indispensable guidebook to ancient spiritual wisdom from a former-life native American and Spirit Guidance perspective. It will raise your conscious awareness and help you understand the necessity for humanity to wake-up and make a choice, now, between the light and shadow energies.

“Spider Spirit Woman leads you on a journey that will make you question what you think you know about your life purpose, consciousness and the world around you. A must read.” –Victoria West, President, Universal Events Unlimited. Inc.

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Back Flower Remedies

Research has shown that there is a definite link between mental, emotional sates and the physiological state, often called the mind-body connection. For example, when we feel fulfilled, happy and positive we tend to enjoy better health. We get more out of life and we can give more to our friends and family.

The 38 Bach® Flower Essences/Remedies represent a complete system of healing directed at the personality, mood and emotional outlook of an individual. The Bach Flower Remedies help you to manage the emotional demands of everyday life. They are selected for a person according to his/her particular temperament, state of mind and natural character. Each remedy aids a specific emotion. Dr. Bach believed that disharmony within oneself was the root cause of disease. Today, doctors agree, claiming that stress is a contributing factor in 50-75% of all disease. A healthy mind really does ensure a healthy body….

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