More Proof that Animals Have Souls

Have you ever had a deceased animal you loved come to you in a dream? I don’t mean just dream about them, but actually feel them come to you and you know they are dead and on the other side. There is a difference.

For the first time in my life, I had it happen last night. My husband’s beloved little siamese visited me. Six months ago she died of renal failure at the age of 15 and broke my heart. (Isn’t it sad that most of our pets do not live nearly as long as we do and we experience the heartbreak of grief for each loss.) It was great to see her and she was excited to see me but I knew I could not touch her because she was on the other side of the veil. She was curled up on the bed and jumped up excitedly and came forward when she saw me walk into the room. However, the reason I knew I could not touch her was because there was a divider (sheet on the floor) between us that neither of us could cross. We could see and feel each other but that was all. These words do not adequately translate the feelings both Mooshie and I experienced in the dream. But I know it was her and she came to say “Hi, I’m doing good and miss you too.” This reafirms for me what I already knew, but it’s always great to get another afirmation.

When we acknowledge that death is not the end we realize that the deceased loved ones, human or animal, are still connected to us. It makes life sweeter. Share your experiences with me. Thanks

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