How to Prepare for the 2012 Shift of Consciousness

“I had a recent dream with insights on how to live so that more light can be brought into the world as we prepare for the Shift of Consciousness. My dreams are ways that my guides often send me messages. Here is the dream.
The dream included five birds: the eagle, the crow, the raven, the owl and the hawk. They were flying side by side and equidistand as though in formation. They flew past me and landed on the ground, still is formation.
I asked the Star Council of Light for clarity on what the dream meant and here is what they said. The five birds represent the five energetic pathways. These pathways go in two directions, from the human world to the spirit dimension and back again. The dream came to you because you are working on the book, Ancient Spirit Wisdom, which will create a bridge between the physical world and the spirit dimension.
The Eagle represents a vision of peace and hope.
The Crow stands for spiritual law.
The Raven is the magical pathway of faith.
The Owl represents the transition from one world to another.
The Hawk represents observing the details and paying attention to what steps you need to take to correct your own actions and help others using the spiritual laws as a guide.

A summary of the dream’s meaning:
Humanity needs to hold a vision of hope and peace in the world. They need to learn the spirual laws, practice them, then teach the laws to others in our life, as part of our personal spiritual growth and life purpose. Have faith in the desired outcome. This will help the world and humanity to have a successful Shift of Consciousness to a higher level. We must pay attention to what is going on and take the necessary steps to correct our actions as we walk the spiritual path.”
Excerpt from Ancient Spirit Wisdom, An Elder’s Guidebook to Native Spirituality and Beyond.

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