How to Make Sure Your Prayers Are Heard

Learn how to speak to the Creator. Prayer is speaking whatever is in your heart directly to God, and in that manner it is heard. Prayer is very strong. You can talk to the Creator just like you would to a dear friend rather than uttering rote words.
Through the centuries, the ability to connect to Spirit has been misused. some people have worshiped false idos or used other people to connect their prayers to the Creator. Prayer is meant to be direct, a personal connection. Receiving and answer to prayer is also a direct and personal experiencne. Do not go through intermediaries, whose purpose is to distance your from the Creator.
Prayer is necessary every day of your life. When you pray and ask for help, you are acknowledging the Spirit/Creator and the Universe. You are thanking the Creator every time you pray. Through your prayer you acknowledge that there is help within this world, that there is a higher power: the Creator. If you ask for help, open your own hands and be ready to receive the requested help.
Prayer is a form of meditation, and the individual consciousness will evolve to the higher vibration as a result. If prayer is not included in daily life, then the evolution of the soul to a higher consciousness will not continue. Pray daily. Make it a personal ritual to pray in the morning and the evening. Thank the sun, moon and stars for rising and then setting as they bring light to earth. Do this as you pray for the highest good of the earth, for all people and your family/friends. Prayer is much stronger than people realize. One prayer can send a strong vibration of energy thoughout the Universe. When you pray from your heart, the Sacred Circle becomes stronger and helps all humanity.
Excerpted from “Ancient Spirit Widsom, An Elder’s Guidebook to Native Spirituality and Beyond”

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