How to Live In Balance and Harmony

IlgaAnn’s Red Road Insight –
The Red Road is the Sacred Hoop. Walking it is walking in harmony and balance.
It is a circle of people standing hand in hand with All That Is in creation.
This poem by an unknown author explains it well.

To walk the Red Road is to know you stand on equal ground with
all living things. It is to know that because you were born human,
it gives you superiority over nothing. It is to know that every creation
carries a Spirit, and the river knows more than you do,
the mountains know more than you do,
the stone people know more than you do,
the trees know more than you do, the wind is wiser than you are,
and animal people carry wisdom. You can learn from every one of them,
because they have something you don’t. They are void of evil thoughts.
They wish vengeance on no one, they seek Justice.

To walk the Red Road is to know your Ancestors,
to call to them for assistance. It is to know that there is good
medicine and there is bad medicine. It is to know that Evil exists,
but is cowardly, as it is often in disguise.

To Walk the Red Road, you have less fear of being wrong,
because you know that life is a journey, a continuous circle,
a sacred hoop. Mistakes will be made, and mistakes can be corrected.
If you walk the Red Road,
you know that every sorrow leads to a better understanding,
every horror cannot be explained, but can offer growth.
To Walk the Red Road is to look for beauty in all things.
To know you will one day cross to the Spirit World and you will not be afraid.

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