Hopi Spiritual Prophecies for 2012 Shift of Conciousness, part 3

Hopi 2012 PropheciesLong ago they were told by the Great Spirit, Massau, to seek out a land that they would be led to by a star. Told to build villages up to 4 stories high on the cliffs. Strangers would come (white men) after a while and attempt to take away the lands and villages. Those strangers would try to lead them in directions that were bad. But Hopis were warned that in spite of all the pressures against them, they must hold onto the ancient land and villages without violence. If they did this, then their land would be the center from which the Indians would be reawakened.

The Chiefs were told that the light that would bring this reawakening would come from the east and that it would come from the True White Brother. He would wear a red cloak or a red hat and would bring with him the sacred stone tablet, which would be similar to the sacred stone tablet now held by the Hopi, and which the True White Brother alone could read. The people would be shown a new Life Plan that will lead to Everlasting Life and transform the world.

Hopi History
In the deep past of the evolution of the human race, there existed a civilization on a mass of land in the Atlantic Ocean, called Atlantis. Hopi history is not dissimilar to that of Genesis in the Christian Bible. The First People (Hopi) lived in paradise. Then after failure to live up to instructions of the Creator, the People’s life changes with toil, suffering and death resulting. The land was about to be destroyed due to the evil activity of two-hearted people who divided the people. They were the two sons of a deceased leader.

The “Younger” Brother led his group, after years of travel, to settle in the American Southwest and the present day Hopi are their descendants. They were to hold the land for a future time when people of different needs and forms of consciousness would come to live there. The Hopi were stewards of nature and caretakers of the land. It is their belief that ceremonial life is essential to maintain the world in blance.

The “Elder” (also called the True Whie Brother) Brother’s task was to go to the east and to wait. Eventually a day would come when the Younger Brother’s way of life was about to be desroyed. The Elder Brother was to then return and to save the remaining true Hopi from the “Day of Purification” A red symbol will take command, setting the forces of nature in motion for the benefit of the Sun.

The Elder Brother, who went from Atlantis to the east (Asia and Europe), formed civilizations with a strong tendency toward ever increasing material progress, ultimately leading to the age of science and industry. To this group, nature was something to own and to manipulate, rather than be a part of it as the Younger Brother’s group did. Eventually, the two groups met in the crisis of the conquest of the Amricas. It is the meaning and significance of this crisis point that is the core element of the Hopi Prophecy.

More Prophecy to come soon.

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