IlgaAnn Bunjer is an experienced speaker and loves the opportunity to share her wealth of wisdom…

Presentations from 30 minutes, to week-end retreats. Most topics can also be customized to fit your needs and time requirements. Contact me for additional information and costs. Discount for local events.

Speaking Topics

A New Approach to Handling Life’s Problems”
Stressed out . . . dieting . . . dealing with anger . . . worry . . . fear . . . PMS . . . pregnancy and childbirth? Are you having difficulties with your plants or pets? If so, this Bach Flower Remedy workshop will give you some solutions. Learn about Rescue Remedy and Dr. Bach’s simple system of stress management and healing. Discover how to reduce stress, alleviate worry, improve self-confidence and well-being. Plus, have some fun along the way.

“Sacred Circle of Life—Purpose and Meaning”  Why is the circle and the Medicine Wheel so prevalent throughout many cultures and history? Do they have lessons we can use in today’s busy and often overwhelming lifestyle? Indigenous peoples, just like us, were always searching for answers on where they fit into their environment and how things work.  Over the years, they noted the cycles of everything, contributions of elements, and used this information to gain an understanding and control of their lives. This workshop will give some insights into ancient wisdom that can improve our lives and help us look at the world in a new way.

“Animals as Totems, Guides and Messengers”
Animals are much more than companions. Animals come into our life to be helpers, healers and guides, if we are willing to listen. In this session you will experience a shamanic journey to meet your totem animal guide(s). You may also experience messages and answers to your burning personal questions and concern. No two sessions are alike so let’s see what surfaces in this one. Come play and learn.

“Introductory Course on the Bach Flower Essences” >>
“Level 1: People and Their Pets” >>

Other Topics:

Ancient Legends about how things in our world are the way they are, retold by Spider Spirit Woman: Many native cultures use this type of storytelling to teach coping skills and life lessons.
Sample stories:

  • Why Mosquitos Bite Us
  • Creation Stories
  • Hero Ordeals
  • and much more


“Excellent, fun, cool training. IlgaAnn is full of knowledge and I am grateful she made me feel supported.”
– M.B., Boulder

“Very Thorough, easy to communicate with speaker.”
– H.D.

“IlgaAnn is one of the best presenters we have had in the last 7 years.”
– J.V.

“I would like to commend Ms. Bunjer for her professionalism and expertise. She is quite a resource and a pleasure to work with.”
– C.D.

“You were well prepared and tailored the discussion to the audience. It was well received by the membership.”
– M.N.

A partial list of Companies:

  • University of Colorado
  • Colorado State University
  • Amend
  • Pharmaca
  • Laidlaw, Inc
  • Boulder Family Hospice
  • Celebrations Fair
  • Whole Foods
  • Natural Grocers