Feline Friend from a Former Life

Every now and then we get an experience that shows us a glipse from a former life. I had a vision that I talk about more in depth in my book, The Answers, but I will give a quick synopsis here.

I got a vision one day of being on another planet and seeing beasts about the size of a male lion, coming towards me. It  fascinated and terrified. I felt a deep loss when they passed without noticing me. It  turns out that I had worked with the leader of this group in a situation similar to where we are today on earth.  The planet was in a state of selfdestruction based on the behavior of it’s residents. Our raging storms, fires, floods , earthquakes and political quagmires are indications that the prophecies of the ancients are coming to pass.

Several months later, the spirit of the lion like creature had enterered my cat as it was being neutered.  His changed behavior was an indication that something was different. My cat was hosting two seperate souls, her own and the lion like creature. Walk-ins are reasonaby rare but I had never heard of one in an animal. My friend and I were able to communicate with the walk in and he admitted that he came back to work with me during this coming shift, as we had worked together in the past on another planet.  I would say, this is proof positive that animals do have souls that survive death.

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