Explanation of the Spider Markings on My Spider Logo

In ancient legends and in many belief systems, spider represents the messenger and weaver of life patterns. The symbols in the logo lend themselves to showing us how our life fits into the bigger picture of the universe. The spider also represents manifesting as it appears to be coming and going with its eight legs. The explanations are as follows.


  1. 4 legs pointing up—represent the 4 elemental energies, water, earth, air and fire.
  2. 4 legs pointing down—represent the 4 colors of mankind, red, white, black and yellow.
  3. The 8 legs of the spider represent the “as above, so below” energies of the universe.
  4. The 3 segments of the legs represent the trinity of the Creator/God. They are different than you may have been taught.
  5. The Yin and Yang symbol (in the upper portion of the body where the legs join it).represents balance and comes from the Chinese but also Celtic and Roman philosophy.
  6. The 3 oval segments (at the t op of the lower body section) also represent the trinity.
  7. The 2 cornucopia like markings (on the lower portion of the lower body section) represent the horns of plenty, or abundance that we can have in life. They tell us that we need to send gratitude to the Creator for many of the things we often take for granted e.g. our ability to use our hands, to walk, to breathe, the beauty of a flower, or the wonder of a tree growing out of a crack in the rocks, among many other things.
  8. The oval piece with 3 circles above it (in the center of the lower part of the lower body section) represents a human being with its angels or spirit guides above it.
  9. The 2horn like symbols (in the very top/head section) represents the positive and negative energies in our existence, it also represents the mirror images of light and darkness.
  10. The 7 circles (in the middle of the head section) represent the 7 sacred directions: east, west, north, sough, above, below and within. They also represent our 7 chakra energy center through which we are able to heal and balance our body as we connect to the star energies of above.
  11. The final piece is the crescent moon (in the head section) which stands for the ebb and flow of the tides among other impacts. The moon is also known to represent the female energy.

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