Emotional Healing For Colorado Wildfire Victims and Other Traumas With Bach Flower Remedies

Pets, People, and Plants all suffer when exposed to traumas such as a wildfire, abuse, neglect or any number of fear or loss based issues. But where there is a problem, there is always a solution. In this case, the solution is based on flower essences to bring back the balance and healing that our immune system so desperately needs. Deepak Chopra, once stated that “Every second of every day, all of the cells in your body are listening to your thoughts and emotions.” When those emotions are negative based such as anxiety, fear, loss, depression, trauma, etc. then your immune system is not able to work at it’s best to keep you healthy.

In the 1930’s, Dr. Edward Bach, a well known English physician, bacteriologist, immunologist, and homeopath created the original Bach Flower Remedies that are now used in 66 different countries world wide.  For over 80 years they have helped millions of people live emotionally blanced and healthy lives. Dr. Bach created 38 different remedies for a broad range of emotional issues. In addition he then blended five essences to create the criss formula of Rescue Remedy.  The essences in Rescue Remedy are: Star of Bethlehem for trauma, grief and loss; Impatiens impatience with the slowness of how things are going; Rock Rose feelings of extreme terror; Clematis to help you focus; and Cherry Plum for fear of loosing control.

All of the Bach Remedies are homeopathic, safe for all ages and totally compatible with anything you may be eating or any medications you are taking.  Below is a partial list of essences that may be particularly helpful at this time.

Elm when feeling overwhelmed by responsibility.  Elm will help in restoration of one’s normal capable personality and return to efficiency and self-assurance.

Walnut protection from change and outside influences such as trauma, grief, and loss. Walnut gives the ability to move forward and remain steadfast to one’s path in life free of the past. Gain the ability to make necessary change in life despite discouragement.

White Chestnut helps you get rid of unwanted thoughts, mental arguments and worry. It will help bring peace of mind. The head will be clear, thinking under control to help solve problems. Worry is replaced by a positive outcome.

Mimulus to help you cope with known fears such as illness, accidents, nightmares, the boogieman in the closet, poverty, etc.  Mimulus gives a quiet courage to face trials and difficulties with confidence. Very helpful for animals that are afraid of thunder and lightning.

Aspen for fears and worries of unknown origin and no specific reason but anxious and nervous. Aspen brings a state of inner peace, security and fearlessness.

Honeysuckle for those dwelling in the past as in nostalgia or homesickness. Honeysuckle gives the emotional ability to live in the present, instead of experiencing the pst as overpowering.

Willow for feelings of resentment, self pity and bitterness. Willow will bring a sense of positivity, no longer victims but in control of own destiny.

I will post more about the rest of the essences next time.  Also, I am bringing back products donated by Nelson Bach for distribution to firefighters and other victims of the wildfires. Keep checking on this website for more information.  Thank you and don’t hesitate to contact me if in need. I will get back to you.


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