Elements of Life

Spider Spirit Woman honors the 4 elements (fire, water, earth, and air) and thanks them for their part in our lives, their contributions, wisdom, and lessons.

“The four elements are a part of us and everything around us. To grow in spiritual wisdom, we need to recognize them for what they represent. They are guides and teachers, as well as our servants. Their messages teach us skills to create a happier life.”

Ilga Ann “Spider Spirit Woman” Bunjer, MSW, BFRP
Copyright Excerpt from: Ancient Spirit Wisdom

Mixture of several elements — The elemental energies collaborate and are interdependent with everything that exists in our world. The connections show how they work to influence our lives when they join with other material items we possess.

The Connections

  1. Animal Carvings — work as spirit helpers, guides, messengers Fire/Earth
  2. Aromatherapy Candles (non-parafin) — spiritual fire energy, calming/stimulating as needed Air/Fire
  3. Bach Flower Essences–vibrational energy to help balance emotions and strengthen the body’s immune system’s healing abilities Earth/Water
  4. Books/Oracle Cards — education, stimulation of awareness, answers to questions Air
  5. Crystals — vibrational energy healing tools, earth connection Earth/Fire
  6. Feathers — playfulness, friendship Air
  7. Energy Jewelry — enhances your electromagnetic energy field/aura Fire/Earth
  8. Portable Medicine Wheel— a visual reminder and meditation tool of our interconnectedness with the universe Air/Earth/Water/Fire
  9. Rainbows — bringers of joy, beauty and promise Air/Water
  10. White Sage — cleansing energy Earth/Fire