Crystal Shape Information

I hope you find all the information I’ve shared with you on crystals helpful and that you enjoy natures bounty. Crystals hold the sacred flame and this same flame can help humankind rekindle the individual spiritual flame within one’s heart. For additional information, healing energy workshops, or to share your crystal experiences, please contact me. You can also look at my schedule on the calendar to see where Firelight Crystals will be participating in gem and mineral type shows across the country. Spirit guidance lead to the formation of Firelight Crystals as part of my work and sharing.

Clusters–more than one crystal on a common base–purifies environment of negative energies/ feelings, cleanses and charges other stones

Crystal Balls (spheres)–sends the energy in all directions, balanced, see into the future, psychics can interpret aura reflect in sphere

Double Terminated–energy draws in or moves out in either direction

Egg Shaped–used in reading and clearing the aura of another

Elestial–has multiple faceted faces–brings heart & intellect in balance, releases blockages, emotional burdens

Laser Wands–slender & tapered clear quartz–used for communication with inner & outer worlds, clears negativity to create protective barriers and to beam healing energy to oneself and others

Obelisk–tall spire shape–stimulates marking of time, used to promote a connection with ancient cultures

Pyramid–focuses energy in a tight beam through the apex and is used to charge and preserve objects

Rainbow Crystals–internal fractures provide rainbow colors and bring joy into one’s life, helps restore happiness & enthusiasm

Self-Healed–small shiny facets where crystal was separated from its base-
used for healing of the self and others

Twin–two crystals growing together on one base–building relationships, soul encounters, universal love

Window–a diamond shaped opening in the crystal–like a window to look within to see the truth, the triangular ones are Atlantean