Choosing Your Bach Flower Remedies



Symptom Remedy Positive Effect
Fears Group Face Your Fears
You are shy or feel fearful or anxious about something Mimulus Courage to face it
You are anxious but don’t know why Aspen Reassurance that things will be fine
You feel an extreme terror about something Rock Rose Fearlessness
You are afraid you might lose control mentally and do something you’ll regret Cherry Plum Composure and ability to think
You fear the worst for loved ones Red Chestnut Peace of Mind
Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances  Group Live the Day
Your mind is on the past instead of the present Honeysuckle Presence in the now
You are dreamy and unfocused Clematis Ability to focus
You find yourself making the same mistakes over and over Chestnut Bud Insight and learning from experience
You feel apathetic and disinterested in what’s happening in your life Wild Rose Enthusiasm for life
You feel suddenly down in the dumps and don’t know why Mustand Brings brightness back into your life
You are exhausted mentally and emotionally from life’s difficulties Olive You gain a sense of rejuvenation
Loneliness Group Reach Out to Others
Your talkativeness leads to loneliness Heather Be heard and recognition that others have problems too
You feel frustrated with the slow pace of people or things Impatiens Patience
You like your own company but sometimes feel lonely Water Violet Connection to others, sociability
Uncertainty Group Know Your Mind
You procrastinate, feeling tired at the thought of star ting work Hornbeam Resolve
You feel discouraged after a setback Gentian A sense of encouragement
You have given up and feel hopeless Gorse A sense of hope again
You are indecisive and vacillating about your choices Scleranthus Decisiveness
You want to do something worthwhile but cant find your vocation Wild Oat A sense of direction for your life and work
You doubt  your judgment and ask others for advise Cerato Guidance and decisiveness
Despondency & Despair Group Find Joy & Hope
You are suffering from the effects of trauma and grief Star of Bethlehem Comfort and coping
You feel resentful and sorry for yourself Willow Positivity and release of resentment
You feel overwhelmed by your many responsibilities Elm Feel supported and capable
You feel guilty or blame yourself Pine Forgiveness
You are in despair, extreme mental anguish , end of the rope Sweet Chestnut A sense of consolation
You expect to fail and lack confidence in your abilities Larch Confidence regained
You are a strong dutiful person and keep going when you need rest Oak Strength
You feel unclean, ashamed or embarrassed about yourself or your appearance Crab Apple A feeling of self-acceptance
Overcare for the Welfare of Others Group Live and Let Live
You tend to become bossy  and domineering when you are in charge Vine Inspire people
Your over enthusiasm leads you to burn yourself out Vervain You unwind while still caring
You feel critical or intolerant towards others Beech Tolerance
Your love for y our family makes it hard to let them go Chicory Release
You drive yourself hard trying to set an example for others Rock Water Ability to go with the flow
Oversensitivity to  Influences & Ideas Stand Your Ground
You can’t easily say “no” to other people Centaury Assertiveness
Other people’s ideas knock you off course or you are coping with a time of change Walnut A feeling of protection from external influences
You feel angry, jealous or want revenge Holly Goodwill towards others
You dislike quarrels, hiding your troubles behind a smile Agrimony An openness to what you are actually feeling and need