Buying and Using Crystals

Spirit tells me that crystals are star seeds of energy to help humanity connect back to where we came from, the stars. Crystals are capable of receiving, containing, projecting & refracting light, the highest known energy in the universe. They can be used for advancement of consciousness, intuition development, for prophetic dreams, emotional stabilization, gaining inner peace & healing body imbalances. In jewelry, their energy intermingles with your own electromagnetic field to increase the energy light force around the body for greater personal power and balance.

To buy crystals, study the list and see what appeals to you. As you look at a selection of stones, select the ones that appeal to you, that draw your eye or attention. In essence, your body knows what energies it needs and the crystals supply that energy. The size is not important, a small stone will work as well as a large one.

High Energy Healing Stones

Abalone Shell–Cleansing, carries water energy, inner calm
Agate–discerns truth, accepts circumstances, powerful emotional healer
Blue Lace–helps enter high energy states, maintains health, arthritis
Botswana–clears stress & depression, energizes auric body, detoxifies
Moss–helps with riches acquisition, increases self-esteem, power stone
Amazonite–soothes all chakras & nerves, brings forth clarity, helps resist tooth decay and osteoporosis, aligns astral bodies
Amber–helps body heal itself by transmuting negative energy, calms nerves & enlivens disposition, cleanses the body & environment
Amethyst–“stone of spirituality and contentment” represents principles of metamorphosis, transmutes low energy to high. Crown Chakra
Ametrine–dispels negativity, aids decision making, meditation, relieves stress, enhances universal equilibrium
Andean Opal–facilitates divination, instills knowledge of “right actions”
Angelite–provides a protective field, good balancing agent, helps journeys
Apache Tears–helps with grief, dispells self-limits, clears body of toxins
Apophyllite–loving attunement to body and spirit, stimulates intuition
Aquamarine–“Stone of Courage,” attunes to higher spiritual awareness
Aragonite–ease of centering self, especially in anger and stress, cleansing
Aventurine–amplifies leadership, balances M/F energies, decisiveness
Bloodstone–“stone of courage” helps centering & grounding, dispels bewilderment and obscure though, aids high blood pressure
Boji Stone–brought by negative energy source to lower spirit connection
Calcite–world teacher for all humanity, facilitates macroscopic awareness
Green–helps rid body of infections and sets up a barrier
Carnelian–protects against envy, jealousy, fear & rage, banishes sorrow
Celestite–clears speech, personal expression, connection to angelic realm
Charoite–Stone for this age, transmutes negativity, aids “second sight”
Chrysanthemum stone–“stone of harmony & change” removes obstacles from path, can see big picture, oriental “stone of immortality”
Chrysocolla–communication, female energy, creativity, removes ulcers
Chrysoprase–Aides deep meditation states, heals “broken heart”
Citrine–transmutes & clears negative energy, needs no cleaning, helps gain wealth, “merchants stone,” stabilizes emotions, clears anger
Copal–Amplifies energy field, removes energy blocks (an early amber)
Copper–soothes arthritis, enhances protective energy, releases restrictions
Elestials–“a hug from the wind” helps understand levels of death, spirit
Emerald–“stone of successful love,” increases memory, mental capacity
Eudialyte–Stimulates alpha & beta states, confidence, inspiration, etc.
Flourite–removes old trauma, emotional blockages Solar Plexus Chakra
Fossil–aids past life exploration, protection from spells
Garnet–“stone of health,” protective, amplifies emotional regeneration
Gold–purifying, healing, balancing, attracts honors, male energy
Goldlstone-Blue, Red–Brings light energy, joy, peace
Hematite–grounding, lowers energy level, good for hyperactivity
Herkimer–“stone of atonement” helps one attune to another, to begin again in this life, stimulates clairvoyant, clairaudient and telepathic communication. Third Eye Chakra
Jade–reduces eyestrain and negativity, promotes longevity, blesses things
Jasper–“supreme nurturer” balances yang & yin, protection, astral travel
Breciated/picture–“global awareness, “ hidden pictures from the past
Ocean–Increases patience, supports service based pursuits
Red–aids rescue in times of danger, helps one learn to progress
Jet–aids migraines, protects from illness & violence, $ stability, calming
Kyanite–facilitates meditation, dispels anger & frustration, helps dream recall, brings tranquility, aligns & helps open all chakras
Labradorite–protects aura from energy leaks, aids telepathic abilities
Lapis–“total awareness stone,” dream insight, protective Throat Chakra
Lepidolite-“angel/transition stone,” aids stress, forms negative ions
Malachite–“stone of transformation,” money stone, spiritual evolution
Moldavite–catalyst for life changes, interdimensional, no salt cleansing
Muggelstone–balances, helps with electromagnetic fields
Moonstone–“travelers stone” protective, eliminates toxins, sustaining
Obsidian–shields & protects from negativity–internal/external, grounding
Black/Brown/Gray–used for “gazing,” induces creativity, removes disease
Gold Sheen–balances energy field to remove ego conflicts, shows needs
Mahogany–provides vitality into ones lifework, fulfillment of aspirations
Rainbow–brings light, love & pleasure into ones life, dispels negativity
Snowflake–recognize non-useful life patterns & redesign them, grounding during meditation, enhances ones energy field
Onyx–relieves stress & grief, strengthens self-control and morality
Opal–recalls past lives, aids inner beauty, faithfulness and eye sight
Pietersite–“stone to deal with chaos,” aligns body’s energy centers ,helps experience visions in meditation, stimulates pituitary gland & regulates endocrine glands
Quartz–“master power stone” enhances life force, channeling stone
Barnacled–has smaller stones on it, the larger is the “old soul,”
Bridge–has a small crystal partially in & out of the stone, bridges between the inner and outer worlds, useful for teaching & communication
Clear–brings energy of stars into the soul, naturally balanced energy field
Generator–six crystal faces joining together to form apex, THE quartz crystal for energy generation, powerful metaphysical tool
Laser Wand–holding it sets up a protective barrier, healing energy beam
Phantom–symbolizes universal awareness from the ancients, has a smaller dark crystalline structure partially or completely within it, this crystal has experienced numerous lifetimes of learning and being, access to records of ones past lives,
Rose–“stone of gentle love, ” emotional wound healer Heart Chakra
Rutilated–excellent for birthing process, enhances communications
Scepter–Atlantean/Lemurian healing tool, focuses energy into “heart of the matter”–the cell–the disability–the disorder
Singers–used to open and release energy blockages, clairaudience aid
Smoky– used to contact other worlds, grounding, dissolves negative energy blocks, refines vibration for clarity Root Chakra
Strawberry–recalls past lives, eases tension in a relationship, connects subtle and physical bodies
Tibetan–used to connect with ancient civilizations of the East, casts full color spectrum to clean energy medians, has OM vibration
Rhodocrosite–strengthens mental power, finds new love
Rhodonite–energy in trauma, assuredness, helps one achieve potential
Rubelite–(pink tourmaline) treats digestive, lung, heart, & reproductive systems, provides physical energy to the body
Ruby–mental balance, improves circulation, protects sensitive natures
Sapphire–“highly evolved spiritual stone, ” goal motivator, loyalty
Selenite–flexibility, decision-making, clarity, strengthens spinal column
Serpentine–renders aid to disorders in all parts of the body including parasites, clears path for kundalini
Silver–brings one “the advantage” in life, increases perception, patience & perseverance, helps cleanse the body via the pores and eliminates toxins at the cellular level, feminine energy
Sodalite–access to sacred laws of the universe, stimulates intellect, helpful with insomnia & diabetes, purifying agent for body
Sugilite–aids physical healing, reduces stress, strengthens heart, emotions
Sunstone–dissipates fearfulness, increases vitality, spiritual growth
Super Seven–promotes telekinetic pursuits, telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, awareness & universal creativity, Earth healing
Tiger Eye–psychic protection, great for business, helps get clarity, helps one to be more practical & grounded, clears electromagnetic energy impact from computer usage
Tiger Iron–helps motivation on all levels, promotes artistic abilities, refuge in time of danger, generates physical vitality
Tourmaline–“teller stone,” balances R & L sides of brain, helps with self-confidence, stimulates all energy centers Sacral Chakra
Turquoise–“healer/protector stone,” melds energies of heaven & earth
Unakite–enhances sense of personal power, changes negative to positive
Zoisite with Ruby–(anyolite) Stimulates psychic abilities, (see Ruby)
Zebra Rockstimulates– physical energy, brings compassion/understanding
Zeolites–helps eliminate alcohol addiction, eliminate toxins from the body, excellent energy for Reiki, improves the Earth environment by absorbing toxic wastes and odors.


Cleansing Crystals

Crystals should be cleansed regularly, smudging with white sage, putting them in sunlight or moonlight has been effective for us. However, do not leave them in the sunlight for too long as they will fade in color. Sea salt can also be used. My stones do not like being immersed in salt water as it can damage their energy field. Some stones like selenite, also can melt when put in water for extended periods of time.