Bach Flower Remedies

IlgaAnn “Spider Spirit Woman” Bunjer, MSW, BFRP is a registered Bach® Flower Remedies Practitioner, trainer and a Level 1 instructor of the Bach International Education Programs (BIEP). Her classes are held annually on the first week-end of May and October and you will receive a certificate of completion from the Bach Foundation. Please contact me for further class information, registration, or consultation on the essences…

Emotional Wisdom

Research has shown that there is a definite link between mental, emotional states and the physiological state, often called the mind-body connection. For example, when we feel fulfilled, happy and positive we tend to enjoy better health. We get more out of life and we can give more to our friends and family. bach

The 38 Bach® Flower Essences/Remedies represent a complete system of healing directed at the personality, mood and emotional outlook of an individual. The Bach Flower Remedies help you to manage the emotional demands of everyday life. They are selected for a person according to his/her particular temperament, state of mind and natural character. Each remedy aids a specific emotion. Dr. Bach believed that disharmony within oneself was the root cause of disease. Today, doctors agree, claiming that stress is a contributing factor in 50-75% of all disease. A healthy mind really does ensure a healthy body.

The Bach Flower Remedies were formulated 75 years ago by the noted British physician, Dr. Edward Bach, and are used successfully today in 66 countries by millions of people. This healing system, derived from flowering plants and trees, is safe and effective, and may be used on infants, the elderly and even animals or plants. They do not interact with other forms of treatment and are truly complementary therapy. The Bach Flower Remedies are a gently and subtle means of restoring peace of mind thus allowing the body, and the being as a whole, a chance to regain its strength and ability to combat ill health through its own natural healing process. Most importantly, the Bach Flower Remedies can help you take control of the way you feel and get more out of life.

Rescue Remedy

Dr. Bach created a combination formula containing the five flower essences: Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis. Rescue Remedy combines these five Bach® Flower Remedies into a stress relief formula that restores a sense of calm, focus and control, often with immediate results.
Rescue Remedy is effective in virtually any situation that causes stress or anxiety, such as deadlines and other work –related stress. . . arguments. . . air travel . . . exams . . . doctor/dentist appointments . . . sudden bad news . . . coping with the kids, etc. Rescue Remedy is available in dropper, spray, pastille and cream form.

Rescue Remedy Cream

Rescue Remedy Cream has a cleansing remedy added, Crab apple, and is fantastic way to rescue yourself from the outside in. It is very effective in dealing with sunburn, bug bites, cuts, burns, or any other type of injury.

Choosing Your Remedies

  • Put 2 drops in a glass of water and sip at intervals. Repeat as necessary until the desired effect is achieved.
  • To combine several Remedies, add 2 drops of each chosen remedy or 4 drops of Rescue Remedy (maximum of 7) to a 30ml mixing bottle filled with spring water and take 4 drops, a minimum of 4 times a day.

The Bach Flower Remedies can also be taken by dropping two drops directly on the tongue, or rubbing onto the lips, behind the ears, on the temples or wrists.

Rescue Remedy Cream:
This has been called “first-aid in a cream.” To use, clean affected area, then apply the cream thoroughly to the area. Cover with a bandage if necessary.

Duration of Use:
How often or how long you take the Bach Flower Remedies depends on you. If your mood is temporary or you’re in a bit of a crisis you may only need one dose, but if your feelings are deep-rooted, it may take up to 2-4 weeks, or even longer to achieve desired results.