Animal “Medicine” Messages

In ancient times Native American Indians used animal fetishes to control and to understand the forces of nature and the environment. Through it’s spirit forces, the fetish could overcome any encountered problems, plus bring good luck or success to the owner.

The “medicine” referred to here, is anything that improves one’s connection to the Great Spirit (God) and to all of life. This medicine is also anything which brings personal power, strength and understanding. The word includes the healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Bat– Adaptability, transition and the need for ceremony honoring the change
Bear– Strength, introspection, awakening the power of the subconscious through meditation–West Gate
Buffalo– The Red Road of spirituality, healing, bringing in of abundance, endurance to overcome–North Gate
Butterfly– Ascension, transformation from a denser caterpillar into the light, beauty, power of nature
Cat– Mystery, magic, independence.  Cats attract spirits
Coyote– Wisdom and humor, a trickster message to look closely and discern the truth
Crow– Represents spiritual law, you attract what you focus on-good or bad
Deer– Gentleness, sensitivity, awareness that problems are easier to overcome with gentleness than force
Dog– Faithfulness, protection, loyalty.  Dogs repell spirits.
Dolphin– Fun, love, power of breath and sound
Dragon– Good luck, friendship, helping others, fire-spitting personal power
Eagle– Carries prayer messages to God, clarity of vision from the eagle’s eye view, peace/ hope vision bird–East Gate
Elk– Strength and pacing for the long haul
Fox– Cleverness, subtlety, magic of camouflage
Frog– Caller & cleanser of emotions, healing, transformation, water energy, reminder: take care of yourself
Horse– Message of the four directions, freedom, responsibility
Goat– Surefootedness, climbing to new heights
Hawk– Clarity on details, passion for life, observe what’s going on around you, spiritual laws, teaching
Lion– Power of the female sun, creativity, leadership, intuition,
Mythical Creatures (Gargoyles, Pegasus, etc.)– Reality is much broader than you think, history, connection
Owl– Guardian of the home, spirit bird, transition pathway
Pig– Beauty is within not outside, pride, humility When flying– take yourself lightly, have fun, possibilities
Rabbit– Facing fear, timidity, stop worrying and get rid of “what if”
Raven– Messenger of the void, psychic ability, magic, faith
Snake– Transmutation, life and death, rebirth, change
Spider– Creativity, weaver of life, ability to shape the pattern of one’s life, messenger
Squirrel– Gathering activity, preparedness, is there a need to get rid of “excess?”
Turtle– Longevity, representation of Mother Earth, awakening to opportunity, perseverance
Whale– Power of song, librarian for the ancient knowledge, awakening the psychic side
Wolf– Teacher, messenger, loyalty to the family, pathfinder on the journey of life–South Gate