About IlgaAnn Bunjer, MSW, BFRP


I was born a little Latvian farm girl who came to the U.S. after WWII to experience domestic violence, alcoholism, motherhood, divorce, grief, loss and many other life lessons, to later become a psychotherapist, author, speaker, and spiritual messenger. Life certainly creates some interesting twists and adventures.

I have a Masters degree in Social Work from University of Denver and am an Internationally Registered Bach Flower Essences practitioner and teacher with over 15 years experience. I have also studied with varied shamanic healers, and native Medicine Men including the Mayan Elders, to supplement my traditional education.

My practical real life past experience includes work as a waitress, sales clerk, cashier, newspaper columnist, radio talk show host,  government program manager, crisis interventionist, mediator, therapist and business owner. I understand life’s varied difficulties from all those different facets.

My goal is to share the wisdom I have learned because ” knowledge not shared is like carrying books on the back of a donkey.” As a result, I teach classes, present at conferences and other gatherings, plus work with clients both human and animal. My first book is, “Ancient Spirit Wisdom, An Elder’s Guidebook to Native Spirituality and Beyond.” I can also be found at holistic wellness fairs with my book, Bach Flowers and crystals to help others find the balance, harmony and joy in their lives that I experience, to “walk in beauty,” as the Navajo would say.

A little more about my past may help you gain insights into who I am.

Professional Photographer: Sylvia Miller

My Latvian name Ilga represents my old world origins. Through stories and experiences, from early childhood I was taught to honor my connection to nature and the simplicity of the natural order and cycles of life. I learned about plants, animals, death and survival.

After WWII, as displaced persons (DP’s), my parents brought me to America. Ilga no longer fit for a child who wanted to belong. I adopted the name Ann from a comic book character that impressed me.

As a result of my studies with native healers, I was given the name, Spider Spirit Woman, because like the spider, I too am a messenger. So now, IlgaAnn connects my old and new world knowledge, while Spiders Spirit Woman lets me be the conduit or “hollow bone,” as Native Americans would say , through which spirit advises me.

I’ve had several near-death experiences, including a head-on collision at 60 mph. I wasn’t expected to live, but I’m still here.  In my near-death experiences on the other side, I experienced a great sense of peace, unconditional love and belonging but was told that “It is not time yet and I have much more to do.” I learned a lot in the process and am still working on being of service to those in need. I teach about life understanding and enrichment through Bach Flower Essences, the Native American Medicine Wheel, crystal energies and understanding animals as totems and messengers.