A Sidewalk Spiritual Connection to All That Is

It was an ordinary day and I was walking back home from the grocery store. The sun was shining and I felt a sense of joy and gratitude for being alive. But I was about to have an extraordinary spiritual experience.

Suddenly my vision was transformed and I felt a bright light all around me and felt a sense of extremely intense bliss. I had crossed into another dimension, the one where the Creator exists. My physical body was still on the same place as before. I looked around me and the street, the houses and the yards were the same but with a “glow.” (A feeling and sight that does not easily fit into words.) Everything felt intensely beautiful, beautiful and precious beyond description. This connection only lasted a few seconds but was life changing. As a result of the experience, I know what waits on the other side and it’s good.

Maybe you can go to the same place if you hold gratitude in your heart. Know that God/The Creator/Great Spirit is love and send the love back to its Source. The creator is not to be feared, as taught by many belief systems. I know because I have had thse connections and near death experiences more than once. They come to let us know that we are important and that there is more to life than we often realize. The ancients know this as described in their legends.

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