A Mind-blowing Past Life Regression Experience for IlgaAnn

I have always believed that when we reincarnate, we come back as an idividual person, regardless of what planet I may call “home” at that time. I know there are belief systems, such as the Buddists, who think you can come back as any living entity, but I always had my doubts about that. In my book “The Answers, Who You Are and Why You’re Here,” I discuss the 13 dimensions of existence as I had been led to understand them. But I guess I was due for a new and deeper insight of what that could really look like.

I regularly attend a past-life regression group held by my hypnotherapist and medium friend, Pamela Storrs, at www.AJourneyWithin.org. (I highly recommend these to anyone as the experiences can be very enlightenting.) In the past I have experienced lives on varied planets with some interesting stores to tell. Well, this last one took me to someplace I didn’t know I could ever go.

As we were being inducted, I didn’t seem to be going anyplace even though I did sense the changes around me. But I stayed with it and came to the shocking realization that I was no longer in a physical body. I was pure energy with intelligence, the ability to think and percieve but on a much larger scale than ever before. What was I? Where was I?

There was a planet below me and I instinctively knew that it wasn’t earth. Whatever it was, there was light, the energy of many lives on the surface and a sense of contentment coming from the planet. It felt good and I was very much connected into it all. It was seperate from me but somehow also a distant part of me. There are no words to describe the feeling. Spirit tells me that “we, everything on this planet and in the universe, are all related” and indigenous native cultures have always honored the Natural World around them. However the modern world we live in, does not accept that premise. A part of my mind kept asking,
“What am I? Where am I?”

Finally it began to dawn on me that I was the sky above the planet, I was the planets atmosphere.
“WOW!” “This can’t be, but it is.”
This has is still sinking in and is in the process of changing how I think and react to life and All That Is. I will be writing more about this experience.

I have been told that someone once experienced a past life as a tree. I though they were a couple of marles short of a set. But I keep finding that there is so much more to the world and the universe than we ever dreamed. Mankind is a tiny blip in all of exiteance.

Please let me know what you think about all of this. If you think I imagined it, or that I’ve out in the sun too long, I will understand, but i know what I experienced and Spirit always finds new ways to teach me things.

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