2012 Spiritual Shift of Consciousness Prophecies, part 2

<Toltecs: Quetzalcoatl (feathered serpent) foretold

In time white men would come out of the eastern sea in great canoes with white wings like a big bird. White man would have two different feet, one like a dove and the othre like an eagle.

The foot of the dove was for the Christian religion of love and kindness, but few lived by it. The other foot, like the eagle, was how most white men treated the Indians, by clawing, killing and subjugating them.

But Q also saw that in a few hundred years, new white men would come and they would have both feet like the dove.

Aztecs: Montezuma’s vision

The long, long cycles–two–four–eight–pass away and I see the tribes newly risen, like trodden grass and in their midst a Priethood and a Cross. An age of battles more, and lo! there remains the Cross but not the priests, in their stead is Freedom and God.

I know the children of the Aztec, crushed now, will live and more, after ages of wrong suffering by them, they will rise up and take their place—a place of splendor—amongst the deathless nations of the earth.

Hopi prophecy next posting.

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