IlgaAnn Bunjer, MSW, BFRP

Intuitive Author, Speaker and Near-Death Survivor

Welcome to my website. (I am a) Spiritual Storyteller for Personal Growth and Balance (lessons)

My Purpose:
Personal Philosophy: Life is full of lessons and challenges to overcome.  Our options are to experience personal soul growth and wisdom while we move through them; strike out at others in anger and revenge; or give up emotionally and wait to die mentally and physically.

I share the personal growth and survival lessons I have learned from my Social Work degrees, shamanic training and the 60+ years of life experience, including a near-death experience, open heart surgery,  divorce, domestic violence, death of loved ones, fear, grief, and anxiety, in addition to the loss of my native country, heritage, identity, and more.

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I assist others to heal by sharing my own healing lessons learned through the joys of 27 happy years with a soul mate husband, overcoming depression, anger, guilt, and hopelessness as I blended answers from science, psychology and native lore to help me open my heart to gratitude, unconditional love and no need for judgment, which lead me to the peace of mind and harmony I now experience in my life.

I write about and teach life skills for balance, harmony and joy using the same tools I found helpful in my own personal healing. These tools include Bach© Flower Essences, the Native American Medicine Wheel, Crystal Energies, Animal Messages, and a spiritual connection to the Creator and to All-That-Is. My job, as a wise Grandmother and an Elder, is to plant seeds of conscious awareness to help others recognize who we are, why we’re here, and our interconnection with the universe so they can experience joy, harmony and balance in their lives.